Bachelor of Science (International Program)
Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University
Klong Luang, Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand. Tel. +66 2 564-4495

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Part 1. Study Program

Programs : You are applying to Industrial Science and Management (ISC) program
          (Food Science and Technology, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology)

          Call Center +66(0) 99 051 5130

Part 2. Personal Information

2.1 Applicant's Information

*Name - Surname (English)
Name - Surname (Thai)
* Date of Birth
* Gender
* Nationality
* Religion
* Citizenship
Thai : Citizen ID Number

Other :
Country of Citizenship.
Passport No.
* Permanent Address
* Home Telephone
* Mobile Phone
* E-mail Address
Mailing address (if different from above)

2.2 Applicant's Father Information

*Name - Surname (English)

E-mail address
* Occupation

* Telephone (if possible, the number should be different from applicant's.)

2.3 Applicant's Mother Information

*Name - Surname (English)

E-mail address
* Occupation

* Telephone (if possible, the number should be different from applicant's.)

2.4 Applicant's Guardian Information (if not parents)

Name - Surname (English)

E-mail address

Telephone (if possible, the number should be different from applicant's.)

Part 3. Academic Records

Please provide full details of schools/colleges currently and previously attended (most recent first).

(M6, IGCSE, etc.)
of Instruction
(Name, City, and Country)
(5 semesters)
* * * * * * *

Awards, scholarships or prizes
(if any)

List any organization, community activities,
or extracurricular activities

Part 4. Standardized Test Score Report & Types of Admission

 *4.1 Standardized Test Score: English Proficiency

Types of Test Taken Scores/Grades
IELTS* (score in every skill)
SAT(Critical Reading)
Paper-Based       Computer-Based       Internet-Based      
*Overall           *Date Taken
Writing Reading
Speaking Listening

   *Remark: English standard test score, if qualified, can be submitted for exemption from EL 171 English Course II and EL 172 English Course III.

4.2 Please provide additional information below.

*CGPA/GPAX/overall average mark (4-5 semesters)

Option My CGPA/GPAX is above 2.50 (4-5 semesters)
GPA in Mathematics GPA in Sciences

Part 5. Documentation

***All documents must be certified by the applicant

Supported file types .jpg  .jpeg .gif .png .pdf  .zip (5 MB limited)

*5.1 Recent 1-inch photograph
5.2 Identification  
  *5.2.1 A copy of the citizen ID for a Thai applicant, or a copy of the passport for an international applicant.
  5.2.2 A copy of house registration for Thai applicants only.
5.3 Study Record  
  *5.3.1 A copy of official transcript of high school education (or its equivalent.)
  5.3.2 An educational equivalent certificate issued by the Ministry of Education in Thailand for applicants who graduated from a high school abroad or an unaccredited international high school in Thailand.
*5.4 Original score report of English proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS / SAT / TU-GET / SMART I)
5.5 One of these original score reports of Sciences proficiency  
  5.5.1 Original score report of SAT / GCE O level / GCE A level / GED / AP /SAT II / GCSE /IGCSE / IB or ACT
  5.5.2 Original score report of A-NET / GAT / PAT 1 or PAT 2
  5.5.3 Others
*5.6 Statement of Propose (1 page of A4 no more than 500 words)
Notes: The Programs do not accept unofficial copies of the results. Only the ORIGINAL score reports are acceptable.
       The tests must be dated within two years of the interview examination date.

Part 6. Additional Information (This part does not affect your application result)

From which sources did you learn about International Programs at Thammasat University?

Our visit to your school Newspaper or magazine (please specify)
Parents or relatives Exhibition (please specify)
Friends Website (please specify)
Our students TV or radio advertisement (please specify)
Our alumni Other sources (please specify)

Please list names of other school/university that you are applying or plan to apply to

* 1) 3)
2) 4)

Please advise us if you have any concerns, which you would like to suggest us. Your recommendation are welcome.

Which of the following choices does make iSC program at Thammasat University become your selection for university degree?(Select all that apply)

* Curriculum Standards

 Yes       No

* Career Opportunities

 Yes       No

* Curriculum Conforms to Family Business

 Yes       No

* Scholarship Opportunities

 Yes       No

* Use of English in teaching

 Yes       No

* Location

 Yes       No

* Being part of Thammasat University

 Yes       No

* Faculty member's qualifications

 Yes       No

* The program's reputation

 Yes       No


Part 7. Declaration & Confirmation

* I certify that all the information provided in this application is true and complete. I understand that deliberately giving fault information will lead to nullification of my admission.

You must receive an email with a payment slip. If not, you may submit your application again, or contact us via email: